you’ll go back in USSR with this tour

This tour will take you back in time where you will find yourself in the middle of the largest country in the world…the USSR! At this Soviet tour you will meet a local friend who will show you around, bring you to places with most beautiful Stalinist architecture and tell you about life of Soviet people.

You will start your 3-hour tour at Niezaleznasci Square with its prominent Lenin statue. Ironically, now he shares the square with the beautiful catholic Red Church of Saints Simon and Helena! If that sounds normal to you, just think back to your history classes and remember that Lenin wasn’t the biggest fan of religion (and destroyed most of the churches in USSR). From there you will walk along the longest avenue in Minsk (which is around 15 km long). But don’t worry, your tour only takes you around the most famous of Stalinist architecture, so just a few kilometres. Along your tour you will see the intimidating KGB building, do some shopping at the old Soviet warehouse GUM, take a quick break at the ‘soul’ of Minsk – ‘Centralny’ Bar, and feel the wealth and power of the bygone Soviet era at Kastrycnickaja Square. After discovering this part of Soviet Minsk you will then walk to a quieter part of town called Asmolauka which was once an elite district during Soviet times! The tour will end at a very Soviet style restaurant for lunch*.

But remember: Big Brother is watching you!

*lunch is not included in the price

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lenin statue in minsk
stalinist architecture in Minsk
National Museum of Belarus
Niezaleznasci Avenue
Central Post Office in Minsk
GUM in Minsk
the Grand Opera and Ballet Theatre in Minsk
Niezaleznasci Avenue
Kamarouski Market
tank monument in minsk
Asmolauka architecture

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