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High Five to you for being interested in our home country Belarus. Belarus is a hidden and a mysterious part of Eastern Europe, one that will surprise any visitor for its contrasting Soviet heritage and Modern lifestyle. Visit Belarus if you are into discovering something entirely new and unique. Visit Belarus if you want to meet friendly locals who will welcome you with open arms. Find in Minsk an excellent choice of bars, restaurants, museums, and nightlife. Explore Belarus to experience eco-tourism and beautiful lakes and forests. And last but not least, visit Belarus because it is actually not as far away as you think (depending on where you are coming from of course).

Tourists in Belarus are still a rare sight and this is what makes our country a total paradise for travellers in search for a unique and very local travel destination. But we have to say that in recent years the country has slowly opened its doors to tourists. For instance, in February 2017 5-day visa free travel has been granted to 80 countries worldwide. Our advice is to discover Belarus before it fully opens its doors and becomes just another overcrowded tourist destination. And let us, a team of friendly and travel addicted locals be your guide to Belarus!

We are

Belarusian writers, artisans, drivers, travellers and life enjoyers. Together we have one thing in common; our love for our country and the need to share this love with English speaking travellers. That is why we collect daily the most useful and accurate advice and tops on Belarus from locals to give you an unforgettable experience in Belarus!

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is to develop sustainable tourism in Belarus. We try to accomplish this by: proposing our travellers with an option of green and ecological travel: e.g. locally made souvenirs or visit an eco-farm. Also we are supporting with expertise and educational social entrepreneurs in Belarus. For example ‘Socks from Grandmother’ a social enterprise that employs elderly women who (not able to leave by their small pension) knit socks using recycled thread.

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