by Hanna Hrydziushka

If you really want to impress Minskers you can try and speak a little Belarusian language. You will definitely win over the locals if you do! Here’s a collection of some useful words and sayings to put a friendly smile on our faces. 

Hello Прывітанне Pryvitannie
Goodbye Да пабачэння Da pabachennia
Thank you Дзякуй Dziakui
You welcome Калі ласка Kali laska
Good! / Great! Добра! / Выдатна! Dobra! / Vydatna!
Sorry Прабачце Prabatsce
I don’t understand Я не разумею Ya ne razumeyu
How are you? Як справы? Yak spravy?
What is your name? My name is… Як вас завуць? Мяне завуць… Yak vas zavuts? Miane zavuts…
This is the best country in the world! Гэта найлепшая краіна ў свеце! Heta nailepshaya kraina u svetse!