by Kseniya Sidarovich

No visa with your ticket to the Games

During the Games, all Belarusian borders will be open to guests (no visa required) attending the Games.  This is a unique case because current policy is that visa free visitations are only possible if you enter Belarus through Minsk National Airport and limited to only 80 countries.

athlete at the stadium

Photo by Polly Bura

Will they speak English?

Normally, you might struggle a bit with finding English speaking services and people when traveling in Belarus. However, during the European Games In June 2019, Minsk will be inundated  with English speaking volunteers and staff. So, this really is a great time to visit for English speakers.

How will Minsk prepare for all the tourists?

The city of Minsk has been preparing for this event for three years. There will be information points throughout the city, designated fan zones, and sport and cultural activities over the course of the 10 days and leading up to the Games.

There will be four fan zones near the main sporting venues. The area around the Sports Palace in the center of Minsk will become the main destination for fans to cheer on their teams and dive into the spirit of the Games. Three other fan zones will be located next to Minsk Arena, Chizhovka Arena, and the legendary Dinamo Stadium.


Photo by Tonya Morozova

Of course, we do recommend you explore the city outside of these sports events and areas. Minsk has so much to offer its tourists. There are a number of beautiful parks and lovely terraces along with famous and historic streets such as Oktiabrskaya and Zybitskaya Streets.

There’s more to this city and country than just sport!

Believe it or not, Minsk in 2019 has so much more to offer than sports events, and our HiFive team is ready to show you! To get the full experience of your visit to Belarus we would love to introduce you to our hidden places, history, and culture. Our English speaking guides Ina and Artsiom will make you love, laugh, and truly be in awe of this beautiful and complex city.

racing cyclist

Photo by Alexander Shelegov

And finally, if you feel all sported-out, there is no better place then to recharge in our famous Belarusian ‘banya’ (similar to a European sauna)! It’s a beloved tradition here in Belarus where you will be introduced to our wonderful hospitality. Our friendly guides can’t wait to show you around.

Cheers Amigo!