caricature about belarusian woman

The Belarusian Superwomen. We are astonished by them. In Belarus women dress up like models. Wearing the high heels with glamour. Work full time. Also come home and take care of the household. And can be for 95% classified as good cooks. They know what they talk about and are obedient.

My god, Belarusian men must be the luckiest in the whole world because of that!

An interesting, and at the same time shocking, detail is the gender balance. Or better said the gender unbalance. Because according to official statistics, in early 2014 Belarus had 4.401 thousand men and 5.067 thousand women. This has to do with the well-documented fact that Belarusian men tend to die much younger than women. Male life expectancy in Belarus is about 67 years, for women add 10 years to this number. This explains the struggle of women in Belarus to find a good husband to be, as the choice is simply limited. And considering the difference in life expectancy, it might explain one other aspects of Belarusian culture. The Babooshka – caretakers of the family, life and everything else. Could it be because of these Belarusian Matriarchs, that we have such strong, astute superwomen?