Minsk, Belarus. Local Guide

by Masha Cheriakova & Hanna Hrydziushka
travel guide to Minsk Belarus

Some incredibly specific details:

ISBN: 978-90-827477-0-6
Pages: 104
Weight: 195 g
Dimensions: 17х13,5×0.8 cm
Format: paperback
Language: English
Includes: pull-out map of the city centre of Minsk

‘Minsk. Belarus. Local Guide’ is the first complete travel guide with photos and illustrations in English to the capital of Belarus – Minsk. It has been written by a team of locals living in Belarus and abroad who find that their homeland has an undeserved negative stigma. The mission of the guide is to introduce Minsk and Belarus to foreigners like yourself who are keen to explore and discover a lesser known country right on your doorstep.

Minsk is a beautiful city with a unique mixture of post-Soviet and modern European atmosphere, full of interesting places to see and fascinating things to do! In the book, the authors share their love for their city with you. All the information you will read is a collection of local advice without any commercial or sales bribes. Making this Belarus travel guide 100% authentic and independent.

A travel guide about everything to get you ready for your trip to the East, to Belarus, Minsk! In a humorous and illustrative way from locals’ perspective the handy guide shows everything there is to see and do. You will get information about preparation for the trip, who the Belarusians are, stereotypes, geography, history, languages, transportation, special events and festivals, souvenirs, districts of Minsk and regions in Belarus. You will find some local insights, what to do in Minsk with kids, what to buy in a supermarket and plan for a one-day trip.

With the amount that you pay for the book you support us and our social mission of making Belarus English proof!

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