dacha in Zabrodie

you’ll love belarussian countryside with our dacha tour

Want to feel like a local Belarusian? If so, then this tour is a great chance to experience the unique and very Belarusian tradition of going to the summer country house (called a ‘dacha’)! At your ‘dacha’ (the place called ‘Zabrodie‘) you will enjoy the beautiful countryside, visit a relaxing Belarusian ‘banya’ (sauna), try delicious local Belarusian cuisine, and if you aren’t too tired from all the fresh air you can enjoy a variety of different sports (biking, hiking, and even frisbee) and Belarus nature!

But there’s more! You also get the chance to visit a cool open-air exhibition of retro cars and two museums: Museum of the Soviet way of life and Museum of the First World War. See how people lived a century ago in a historic 100 year old home or just walk or bike around. For just a small additional price you can also choose several other activities such as go fishing, kayaking, riding in a military car, or shooting at a special range. It’s also possible to stay there for a night or two!

What is included:

  • Morning transfer to a ‘dacha’ and evening transfer back;
  • 1 Belarusian dinner;
  • 3 hours at a Belarusian sauna (‘banya’);
  • Entry all local museums.

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veranda at the dacha
people near banya
belarusian dinner
dacha interior
man and goat
retro car
people near dacha
trip on a retro car through the forest

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