by Hanna Hrydziushka

Are you just like us a big fan of escape rooms? Well even if you are not maybe this is your chance to try one quest room in Minsk! There are many themed rooms: being hunted by a ghost, zombie escape or save the world. We made a list for you of all English friendly quest rooms in Minsk so the language won’t stand in your way to escape within the hour. Good luck to you my friend!


Zamkavaja St., 27 / Lieanida Biady St., 29

+375 29 633-32-79, +375 29 739-11-13

There are 6 escape rooms in English for you to choose from. Find the secrets of Chernobyl or get lost in the Egyptian pyramids, get into ‘The saw’ movie, solve the Da Vinci code puzzle, fight Aliens or escape from a scary dark room.


Kuybyshava St., 22

+375 29 710-87-13,

In this Minsk escape room you will be able to choose from 3 quests. Follow Alice to the Wonderland and save the White Queen (you can go through this quest with kids age 8 and older), unravel mysterious manuscripts of the great Leonardo da Vinci or find the Fifth Element.

claustrophobia escape room

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Door Z

Zybickaja St., 9/15

+375 29 643-12-74, +375 33 343-02-80,

In these quest rooms in Minsk you can join the partisan squad and disarm the Nazis, rob a Monaco billionaire, take the red pill and find yourself in a new Matrix dimension or go back to your childhood fears in the house on the outskirts. Also here you can go through one of the scariest quest – Stalker – where you will have to escape from the Exclusion Zone filled with infected people… or actually not people anymore…

Quest Zone

Kuybyshava St., 22, office 113

+375 29 547-86-33, +375 29 681-36-67, +375 17 284-33-80, (website is available only in Russian)

Enjoy one of the three escape rooms in English: ‘Treasures of Pirate Henry Morgan’ where you need to escape from his boat and don’t forget to grab his treasures. ‘Gravitation’ where you need to walk on the ceiling and walls of ‘Mage’s Tower’ where you have to save stolen souls and win against black magic. Book your quest room in Minsk in English via email or phone call.


Karla Marksa St., 45 / Surhanava St., 17

+375 29 185-85-48, (website is available only in Russian)

Here you will be able to choose between two quests. ‘Black’s Den’ will make you a member of smuggler team and in ‘Contraband’ quest you will have to find a precious cargo and escape your shelter before the police will find you. Book your quest in English via email or phone call.