by Hanna Hrydziushka

Belarusians believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why our breakfasts are pretty filling, like porridge, pancakes and omelettes. So get your day started with an energising meal in one of these breakfast places!

Bistro de Luxe

Bistro De Luxe

Bistro De Luxe. Photo by Vitali Brazouski

Haradski Val St., 10

8:00-00:00, weekends 11:00-0:00

+375 44 789-11-11

Enjoy good food and service in this French-style bistro. If you are an early bird, this is the place for you because it starts serving breakfast in Minsk from 8.00 am, and on the weekends from 11.00 am. Try out the delicious cottage cheese pancakes (‘syrniki’) for a good start of your day. Average breakfast + coffee cost €5-6.

Svabody 4 (“Свободы 4”)

Svabody 4 Bar

Svabody 4 Bar. Photo by Vitali Brazouski

Svabody Sq., 4

10:00-0:00, Fri-Sat till 2:00

+375 29 144-47-14

It’s perfect for almost any occasion: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or partying. Svabody 4 will offer you different kinds of breakfast in Minsk from healthy oatmeal to a tasty Turkish breakfast with ham, cheese, honey and fresh bread.

Vasilki (“Васількі”)

cafe Vasilki

A restaurant chain with Belarusian cuisine. The name ‘Vasilki’ means ‘cornflower’ – it’s our national symbol. Try out the most popular among Belarusians breakfast courses: pancakes or scrambled eggs with sausages. Or you can try their special breakfast menu with different types of porridge and vareniki.

Niezaleznasci Ave., 16

8:00-23:00, Fr-Sat 8:00-0:00

+375 29 706-44-52

Niezaleznasci Ave., 89


+375 29 764-46-59

Babrujskaja St., 6 (Galileo Shopping Mall)

Sun-Wed 10:00-23:00, Thu-Mon till 0:00

+375 44 748-82-69

Lido (“Лидо”)

Locals love Lido because you can enjoy relatively good home-style meals, like meat, fish, salads, and desserts for a very affordable price. It’s a buffet style restaurant where you can point at what you want and they will serve it to you on your plate, just follow the locals. There are two Lido’s quite close to each other. Smatchna esti (Bon Appetite) in Belarusian!

Niezalieznasci Ave., 49/1

Mon-Fri 8:00-23:00, Sat-Sun 11:00-23:00

+375 17 284-82-08

Kulman St., 5А


+375 29 368-66-86

Cafe Garage (“Гараж”)

cafe Garage

This is another very good place for breakfast in Minsk especially for early birds (it opens at 7:00). They have a large selection of breakfasts like: pancakes, omelettes, sandwiches, and even burgers! For those with a sweet tooth Garazh offers several types of yogurt desserts.

Niezaliežnasci Ave, 3/2 (Stalitsa Shopping Mall)


+375 29 320-44-00

Kalvaryjskaja St., 17

Open 24h

+375 29 351-00-00

Looking for lunch or dinner ideas in Minsk? Why not to try our national cusine or some thematic restaurants, cafe and bars.