by Hanna Hrydziushka

Belarus has a decent choice of local beer and we believe that we can compete with the Czechs or the Germans when it comes to making good beer! We made a top-5 list of the best bars in Minsk where you can try Belarusianl beer! Za zdarovie!

1. Rakausky Brovar ('Ракаўскі бровар')

Rakausky Brovar

Viciebskaja St., 10


+375 44 733-93-39

Enjoy some homemade beer, while observing the brewing process. Each areaof this bar in Minsk has its own theme such as hunting, sports, Belarus, bears etc. In summer you can enjoy your beer at a very nice outside terrace. It is definitely a right choice for a good beer with some traditional Belarusian snacks!

2. Staramestky Pivavar ('Старамесцкі півавар')

Sun-Thu 12:00-0:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-2:00

These bars in Minsk take their work very seriously and involve their clients into the process. Apart from brewing their own beer, they also have a small brewery museum and a restaurant. As the place is quite big, most likely you will always find a table. If the first place is full, just visit one of the other two locations they have in town.

Revalucyjnaja St., 32

+375 17 327-41-61

Hiercena St., 4

+375 17 396-96-67

Karla Marksa St., 21

+375 44 500-74-44

3. Druzya ('Друзья')

Druzya Restaurant

Kulman St., 40

Sun-Thu 12:00-2:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-3:00

+375 33 636-58-58

This place is very big and perfect for chilling out with all your friends (that’s why the translation of its name is ‘Friends’!). ‘Druzya’ has its own brewery making more than 20 types of delicious and not expensive beers. It also has a large beer garden, karaoke, and a concert hall with live bands.

4. Craftman

Craftman Bar

Hikaly St., 5

Mon-Wed 18:00-0:00, Thu 18:00-2:00, Fri 17:00-2:00, Sat 15:00-2:00, Sun 15:00-0:00

+375 29  607-05-05

With more than 90 types of craft beers from Belarus and foreign breweries, this bar in Minsk is perfect for beer lovers! It also has a large choice of snacks and some crazy desserts like an ice cream with beer. If you happen to be in Minsk on Tuesday, stop by and enjoy a Belarusian beer evening as Tuesdays are local beer days. There are no waiters, so go to the bar and ask a friendly barmen what kind of beer he recommends.

5. Alivaria brewery museum

Kisialiova St., 30

Wed-Sat 14:00-18:00

You can sign up for a tour via e-mail:

or by phone: + 375 29 500-17-55

Take an exciting tour to the biggest Belarusian beer company ‘Alivaria’! You will be able to walk around the factory and see the process of beer production, learn interesting facts about beer brewing and finish your excursion with an awesome degustation in a closed bar (only for workers and factory visitors!), where you can taste beers like a professional.