by Masha Cheriakova

You don’t know a country if you have not visited its supermarkets! That is not a famous quote from a famous person, that is our advice. That is why we have made a list with pictures of typical Belarusian products for you to buy in the Minsk supermarket. Enjoy the search!

Our favourite Minsk Supermarkets:

Centralniy (“Центральный”): Niezaleznasci Ave., 23 / 8:00-23:00.

Korona (“Корона”): Kalvaryjskaja St., 24 / 9:00-0:00; Pieramozcau Ave., 65 / 9:00-2:00, Sun 9:00-0:00.

Green: P. Hliebki St., 5 / 9:00-23:00; Prytyckaha St., 156 / 9:00-23:00; P. Mscislauca St., 11 / 9:00-23:00.

Top 10 Products



These unique sweets are comparable to marshmallows for their taste and structure, but without all the guilt. These sugar bombs are made from apples, sugar, and egg whites, so slightly healthier than marshmallows….slightly. If you like sweet stuff you will surely like Zefir! So get it in Minsk supermarket or any other.

potato plate chips

Potato Plate Chips

Most of us grew up eating these long crisps/chips. They were first introduced during the Soviet period and haven’t lost their popularity. They are delicious and make a truly different snacking experience. During the USSR they only came in one flavour, but today, you can find them in bacon, cheese and onion, and more. Do give them a try!

sunflower seeds

Sunflower Seeds

These fried seeds are very tasty, but also quite a dangerous snack. Because, if you don’t stop eating them at the right moment (and you WON’T stop, we promise), your fingers may get blisters. Yes this has happened to us! But it’s still worth a try!

glazirovannyi syrok

Glazirovannye Syrki

Its small, melts in the mouth, and cheap. What we are describing is our awesome sweet cottage cheese in chocolate dessert! We really love them and are still astonished that they are not available all over the world. So try out our chocolate secret with different flavours inside and imagine how you will live without it after you are back in your country. Run for them to Minsk supermarket straight after you arrive.

fake red caviar

Fake Red or Black Caviar

It was (and still is) a popular snack for celebrations during the Soviet period. Nowadays real caviar is too expensive. But the fake one is pretty cheap, looks almost the same and actually it is very tasty! However, this caviar is made from algae. Happy Birthday or New Year to you!

dark bread

Belarusian Dark Bread

Belarusians make really tasty, natural dark bread! We recommend you try one with seeds or raisins.

Alivaria beer

Alivaria Beer

Also our beer can easily compete with German or Czech ones! Alivaria is the biggest brewery company in Belarus and they make a truly decent beer.

Kommunarka candy

Kommunarka/Spartak Candy

Try our local sweets and also buy some in Minsk supermarkets for friends and family back home! For example, “Stolichnye” chocolate sweets filled with liquor, and “Griliyazh” made of roasted candied nuts. Yummy!


Condensed Milk (sgushenka)

Very sweet liquid loved by children (though it’s not very healthy for their teeth). Add it to a tea or coffee or just put on white bread.

belarusian vodka

Belarusian Vodka

No comments here:) Just don’t forget to add this local drink to your home bar. We recommend you try our Bulbash vodka, meaning potato vodka:) Or also Svayak vodka.

Illustrations by Marharita Tsikhanovich